Tribe Tampere – the community operator of Platform6

Posted 20.01.2021 by Mirella Mellonmaa

Platform6 startup house is a joint operation between several collaborators, with a mutual goal to fuel the creation of startups in their first years of activity, support existing ones and promote the quality of the companies and entrepreneurs. Tribe Tampere is the community operator of Platform6, meaning that Tribe is responsible of helping the community of the house be active, engaged, open, and collaborative.

Tribe Tampere 5th floor event and community space

In Platfrorm6 Tribe Tampere manages the 5th floor event and community space, making sure the residents have a place to hang out, mingle, get coffee and have lunch. Tribe also manages the bookings of the 5th floor event space and supports and enables the organizing of any kind of startup community events – be it casual afterworks or professional workshops.

Tribe is also regularly interviewing all the startups of the house to be able to provide better targeted services. Based on the startups needs, Tribe organizes for example mentoring sessions, workshops, events or develops entirely new service models.

Tribe also acts to serve the whole Tampere startup scene. That is why Tribe is creating, supporting and enabling valuable services for startups, entrepreneur-minded individuals, and entrepreneurial communities inside and outside of Platform6. Tribe Tampere is the community of communities; the sticky stuff that unites the startup and entrepreneurial scene in Tampere by activating the companies, individuals and communities to take action and build the startup ecosystem – together!

Tribe Tampere is operated largely on voluntary basis, so Tribe also supports and incubates any ideas that individual people might have to boost the startup community. Tribe acts as a platform for new ideas to develop the startup ecosystem in Tampere, as well as operates as a gateway for newcomers into the ecosystem. For this purpose there is the Tribe Fellowship program, that enables active individuals to take part in the startup scene, and find meaningful projects and networks.

As said; Tribe Tampere is the sticky stuff that unites the startup and entrepreneurial scene in Tampere. In the future Tribe wishes to see that sticky stuff finding a more solid form inside of Platform6, where the connections between the startups, active individuals, startup communities and services have established a deep-rooted and thriving collaboration models.