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Top 6 startups selected for New Nordics Pitch Competition Finland Finals 2022


Top 6 startups selected for New Nordics Pitch Competition Finland Finals 2022

Platform6, the organiser of the Silicon Vikings New Nordics Pitch Competition 2022 in Finland, is delighted to announce that the top 6 regional finalists have now been selected by the regional juries. The Finnish finalists that will compete against each other in the Regional Finals on 15 June 2022 at Arctic15 x Tampere Startup Conference, part of DigITre and Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo, are Quanscient, FinnAdvance, Kodarit, Peili Vision, StemSight, and Vital Signs. The winning startup will represent Finland in the New Nordics Grand Final during the SLUSH week in November going up against startups from Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and the Baltics to become the New Nordic Grand Champion 2022.

The New Nordics Pitch Competition is a pan-Nordic and Baltic pitch competition that gathers the best startups/scaleups of the New Nordics. The regional finalists for Finland have been selected based on the idea, ability to scale, business plan, traction, competitive advantage, market needs, presentation, team, and the ability to solve real world problems. 

About the finalists

Quanscient. For complex product design, simulations are an essential part of the product development process. They’re being used extensively in chip design, electric motor design, aerospace, automotive, and many other industries. But current simulation tools are lacking in both computing power and capabilities. This means that e.g. every airplane must still be wind tunnel tested. This makes product development slow, and expensive and limits new and innovative solutions. Digital twins simulations will revolutionize R&D.

FinnAdvance. Finnadvance is developing miniature chips for the pharmaceutical industry and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery.

Kodarit. There is a lack of coding talent available in the market to cover the need of a society in which digitalization is increasing. The coding courses offered at public schools aren’t up to an optimal level and are insufficient to keep children motivated to code in the long run. Kodarit offers a fun way to create IT talents. Our tested curriculum is based on high quality, fun and diverse digital learning concepts developed by us.

Peili Vision. ADHD is a neurological disorder that affects as many as 500 Million people worldwide. Yet, healthcare systems for diagnosing, providing rehabilitation and monitoring these conditions – are completely ineffective to meet the global need. Today, medical professionals have to rely on pen and paper evaluation that provide no objective data for accurate treatment decisions. Diagnosis is based on subjective evaluations, where suitable medication and therapy exercises are found through trial-and-error.

StemSight. We are curing corneal blindness by developing off-the-shelf cell therapies from human stem cells. Our solution can cure a specific form of blindness that has been untreatable until now. In the future, we are also tackling the global shortage of corneal donor tissue by bringing our therapies to the 12 million people currently waiting for transplants worldwide.

Vital Signs. Doctors have a limited time per patient to perform several examinations and document all in text format. Our solution combines the most common measurements in one connected and smart device. The device not only detects and analyses heart and lung sounds, but also measures oxygen saturation, pulse, ECG, respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure and HRV, all in one process. Results are analysed by AI and saved in digital format automatically.

About Silicon Vikings

Silicon Vikings is a 45,000+ network that connects Nordic and Baltic Innovation with Silicon Valley and vice versa. We are a non-profit organisation that has been headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1997 with nodes throughout the Nordic and Baltic region and we act as a bridge between regions. We organise approximately 20-25 events in the Bay Area each year in addition to cross-border events with our nodes and partners in the New Nordics to better connect the two regions. We organise networking events and pitching competitions in the Nordics/Baltics & in Silicon Valley. For more information visit

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