The City of Tampere and Gastro Arena create opportunities for innovations in the food industry

Posted 12.05.2021 by Platform6

A new lunch restaurant, Kotitila store and food innovation incubator Gastro Arena were opened in the Platform6 startup house at the beginning of May. The City of Tampere is launching a service program with Gastro Arena, which will accelerate the development of new food-related products and services. The aim is to create new business opportunities for the food industry in Tampere.

Gastro Arena staff: Raja Sharma Rymbai; Sustainable Food innovation & product development manager, Monica Sissala; Front of House Manager, Menchel Alico; Chef & product development lead with the founder Christos Granqvist and Platform6 COO Alexandra Santos in the newly opened restaurant.

In the beginning of May, a new lunch restaurant Gastro Arena was opened in the Platform6 startup house. Gastro Arena will also serve as an innovation incubator for food entrepreneurs, where they can develop food-related products and services and test their business model.

Together with Gastro Arena, the City of Tampere is launching a service program aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs in the region to develop food-related products and services, creating new opportunities for food business operations and promoting the networking of starting entrepreneurs. The program brings food entrepreneurs, developers and services under one roof to the Platform6 startup house.

–  We feel that Tampere is a strongly growing area, and we see the biggest potential to develop a food innovation program especially in Tampere. Platform6’s startup community is the most dynamic point of the city, which is why it is a good place to start a development program like this, says Christos Granqvist, the founder of Gastro Arena restaurant and CEO of Suomen Pientuottajatukku.

According to Irene Impiö, Director of Growth Services at the City of Tampere, the exceptional situation due to the corona pandemic has severely tested the restaurant market and SMEs in particular. The joint service program of Gastro Arena and the City of Tampere will be launched at just the right time to start a new phase of growth.

–  The concept of the service program is genuinely innovative and it implements the city’s goals of growth. The service program aims to increase the city’s vitality, innovations in food services, and also increase the amount of jobs. The program acts as an initial push to create a service offering that enables food innovations in the region, Irene Impiö says.

Alexandra Santos, Chief Operating Officer of Platform6, welcomes Gastro Arena warmly to the Platform6 community.

–   It is great to see more and more initiatives in Tampere supporting the future of sustainable food by plugging the local food ecosystems with tech entrepreneurship. Excited about the amazing collaboration opportunities this will bring, Alexandra Santos says.

More information:

Founder of Gastro Arena / Prolocalis
Christos Granqvist
tel. 050-544 9957
City of Tampere

City of Tampere, Director of Growth Services
Irene Impiö
tel. 050-539 2943

Platform6, Chief Operating Officer
Alexandra Santos
tel. 040 824 3635

Text by: Emilia Aakko, Mirella Mellonmaa
Photos: Mirella Mellonmaa