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Tampere Startup Hub announces team role evolutions to enhance impact

Tampere, Finland – 26.03.2024 – Following its recent announcement of entering a new phase for Platform6 and early-stage startup services, Tampere Startup Hub (TSH) is pleased to share significant updates to team roles. These changes align with TSH’s objective to deepen its engagement with startups and amplify the impact of its core activities. 

Kaarle Wirta to lead as Head of Community

Kaarle Wirta is appointed as Head of Community, focusing on enriching the Platform6 and Tampere startup ecosystem experience. His role encompasses the complete management of the Platform6 customer service cycle, ensuring excellent service to both guests and members. Kaarle will serve as the primary contact for startup community members and partners, overseeing the membership process from start to finish, including startup screening, onboarding/offboarding, and feedback collection.

In this role, Kaarle is tasked with fostering a vibrant community through proactive engagement and by developing support tools and activities that facilitate member success. He will also coordinate founder peer support activities, acting as a liaison for Platform6 partners and spearheading sales campaigns to welcome new startups.

Margarita Khartanovich takes on the role of Head of Startup Services

Margarita Khartanovich transitions from her position as Marketing & Communications Manager to become the Head of Startup Services. Margarita will be responsible for developing and coordinating the Tampere early-stage startup ecosystem and community activities. Her goals include activating and connecting networks to Platform6 and other growth ecosystems, as well as promoting the Tampere ecosystem on both national and international stages.

Margarita’s focus will extend to collaboration with local and regional partners, including Tampere University and Business Tampere, to support data-driven startup ecosystem development. She will continue to lead in organizing major startup events, such as Stream Connect, Startup Tampere Showcase, and New Nordics Pitch Competition, while also deepening investor and corporate venture relations.

A strategic move towards more impactful engagement

These team role updates signify TSH’s commitment to getting even closer to startups, matching them with trusted advisors, and facilitating peer support. By reallocating responsibilities, TSH aims to allow new team members to concentrate on marketing, communications, facilities, and event coordination, ensuring that the full focus remains on enhancing the core activities that have shown to deliver significant value to the startup ecosystem. 
Tampere Startup Hub is confident that these changes will create even more opportunities for startups in the region. For more information and questions, please contact Joni Lappalainen, Chairperson of the Board at Tampere Startup Hub via email: or phone: +358 044 28 488 05.

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