Take Action week on the first floor of Platform6 18-22.1.2021

Posted 18.12.2020 by Mirella Mellonmaa

Startup House Platform6 will hold open workshops for the renovation of the first floor on January 18-22.1.2021.

Platform6, which opened its doors in October 2020 and is located in the heart of Tampere, is already the home address of more than 30 startup companies, and the house also serves as a meeting place for the startup community in the entire Tampere area. The house is developing a strong community of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, incubator and accelerator programs, advisors and partners. Platform6 is now looking for volunteers, as well as sponsors for week 3 of January, to get the first floor of the house up and running.

3d sketch of the upcoming 1st floor open space

“Platform6 operates on the principles of openness and community spirit, and that is why we are building an open to the public meeting and work space on the first floor of the building. We want to involve all local communities, companies, influencers and individuals interested in the activities on the first floor. ”Says Alexandra Santos, who is responsible for Platform6’s operations.

The interior of the first floor will consist mainly of the usage of recycled materials in innovative ways. In the space you will see e.g. looms and pallets. Jenni Kääriäinen and Tuska Art & Design are responsible for the design & production of the space. Jenni is known e.g. for the visual design of Slush and the Stream Startup Festival.

The “Take action week” week will take place from Monday to Friday, January 18-22, 2021 from 9 to 18, and during the week  we will paint, build a stage, assemble furniture and decorate the space. The work is done in two shifts: from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18. A maximum of four volunteers will be admitted to each shift.

To get the first floor up and running, we need input from the entire local community. Everyone can participate in the construction of the space either by acting as a volunteer helper, or by sponsoring the space either financially or in the form of building materials or furniture.

If you want to participate in the workshops, register here.

If you want to be involved in sponsoring the community space, please contact:

Alexandra Santos, COO Platform6