Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Stream Connect - the startup-investor networking event of Tampere.

Stream Connect is a monthly series of startup-investor matchmaking and networking events organised by Platform6 and open to all startups in Tampere. The main goal of the event is to bring together investors that are actively looking for new early-stage growth companies (pre-seed, seed, Series A) for their portfolio and Tampere-based startups that are currently fundraising or planning their next funding round.

In addition to the high-quality keynotes and panel discussions, Stream Connect offers 1 full hour of facilitated networking and (for Platform6 members only) - Office Hours (1-on-1 meetings) with investors prior to the event.

For startups

  • Meet your potential investors and accelerate your fundraising process.

  • Learn about the ways to finance and boost the growth of your company - from angel and VC investments to CVCs, public funding, family offices and more.

  • Network with other startups from the region and get that spillover / validated knowledge of running a growth company.

For investors

  • Increase your reach by exploring the local ecosystem and getting to know regional rising stars.

  • Connect with early-stage startups that match your portfolio requirements.

  • Get more visibility for your investment activities and build trust among the new generation of startups.

Past events

The programme of the previous events can be accessed here.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 1. Early-stage funding.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 2. Building resilience.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 3. Accelerating growth.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 4. Funding you global.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 5. Fundraising in uncertain times

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 6. Managing investor outreach and relations.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 7. Metrics that matter.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 8. Investing in teams.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 9. SaaS Valuation in 2023.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 10. Deep tech: from R2B to Growth.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 11. Next big thing in corporate venturing.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 12. Growing the investor network.
  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 13. Exploring 2023's shifts & prospects in startup financing.

  • STREAM CONNECT goes New Nordics Pitch Competition

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 16. Funding, Growth Marketing and Scaling Global in 2024.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 17. Revenue, go-to-market, runway and fundraising in 2024.

  • STREAM CONNECT. Episode 18. Rethinking success metrics: the return of the exit slide.

Speakers at Stream Connect

Here are a few examples of our previous speakers. Would you like to speak at Stream Connect? Drop a message to

Tuomas Maisala
Hands-on start-up advisor
Ossi Numminen
Investor, FiBAN Regional Angel
Alfredo Jollon
Managing Director, Stockholm Techstars Accelerator, Investor in early-stage venture & listed equities
Reetu Kainulainen
Co-Founder and CEO at Ultimate
Marko Tulonen
Investor, Mentor & Advisor | Energy Storage | Renewable Energy | Sustainable GREEN Technologies | ESG | VC |
Otto Chrons
CEO, co-founder at Revonte
Aleksi Aaltonen
Partner at Accelerando, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Päivi Malinen
CEO at Springvest, Board member at Bioretec
Amanda Lindqvist
Investment Director at Superhero Capital
Ilkka Kaikuvuo
Co-founder of Framery, board professional, angel investor
Risto Rautakorpi
Managing Partner at Gorilla Capital
Turo Numminen
Co-Founder at Sofokus Ventures
Tuomas Pahlman
Investor helping startups to go from Seed to Series C. +30 investments.
Jussi Muurikainen
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of, Member of FIBAN
Reima Linnanvirta
Angel investor turned into VC, 100keur to 1meur seed investments, Partner at
Timo Tirkkonen
Partner at Inventure
Sakari Pihlava
General Partner at Vendep Capital investing in pre-Series A SaaS companies in the Nordics and Baltics
Heikki Väänänen
Founder and Exec.VP. Growth at HappyOrNot
Annukka Mickelsson
CEO at The Shortcut, Founder at Kerroin, president emerita at FiBAN
Arthen Sirola-Hashemi
Software deeptech investor at Karma Ventures
Matti Rönkkö
Head of Kiilto Ventures
Mia Häkkinen
Business Development Manager at Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa
Samuli Savo
SVP Emerging Business, Packaging Solutions
Antti Vuolli
CCO at Silo AI
Aki Ylönen
Senior Advisor, Deep Tech Startups at Business Finland
Tuomo Veivo
Analyst at Taaleri Bioindustry
photograph of Tuomo Veivo
Roope Kekäläinen
CEO at Lygg
photograph of Roope Kekäläinen
Jonne Kuittinen
Operations Manager at Finnish Venture Capital Association
photograph of Jonne Kuittinen
Ilkka Sillanpää
Investor at Hegemonia Invest and Korpun Siemen
Photograph of Ilkka Sillanpää
Henri Mäkivirta
Head of Product at Slush
Photograph of Henri Mäkivirta
Vilma Juusonen
Head of Node at Slush
photograph of Vilma Juusonen
Marko Kotonen
Senior Advisor at Business Finland
photograph of Marko Kotonen
Riikka Markkula
Finance Manager at Finnvera
photograph of Riikka Markkula
Mikko Huumo
Investment Manager at SEB Greentech VC , ex-Fortum & Helen Ventures
Vesa Riihimäki
Head of Startup & Growth Business, Nordea Finland
Alexandra Santos
Silicon Vikings' Tampere Node representative, former CEO at Platform6
photograph of Alexandra Santos
Reetta Ilo
VP, International PR Growth, Partner at San Francisco Agency
photograph of Reetta Ilo
Noora Fagerström
Angel Investor, Founder & CEO of Jungle Juice Bar, MP
photograph of Noora
Carita von Rutenhjelm
Entrepreneur, Growth Marketing Expert
photograph of Carita von Rutenhjelm
Tomi Rauste
US Market Expansion Expert, Senior Advisor at Accelerando
Jesse Heikkilä
General Partner at Failup Ventures
Sebastian Mellblom
Co-Founder and CEO at Reveel
photograph of Sebastian Mellblom
Markku Ylönen
CTO and Co-Founder at Polar Night Energy
Juuso Aulanko
Managing Partner, M&A Professional at 3J Partners Oy
photograph of Juuso Aulanko
Kaspar Hanni
Partner, Specialist VC, Specialist Primary & Secondary Fund II
photograph of Kaspar Hanni
Heikki Väänänen
Founder and Exec.VP. Growth at HappyOrNot
photograph of Heikki Väänänen
Jukka Sjöstedt
CEO and Partner at Radientum
photograph of Jukka Sjöstedt
Tuomas Pahlman
Investor with 40+ investments and several exits, Founder at
photograph of Tuomas Pahlman

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