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Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

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Platform6 member SUPPLYZ raises €1.5 million, rebrands as RESONIKS and opens new job positions in Tampere and The Hague

Tampere, Finland – Demonstrating the collaborative spirit of startup ecosystems, SUPPLYZ, a member of Platform6 since November 2022 and now known as RESONIKS, is delighted to announce a successful €1.5 million funding round. This investment, led by Nordic industrial tech investor Kvanted, reflects the supportive role of networks like Platform6 in the growth and development of startups.

Kvanted selected RESONIKS as one of its first startups to invest in. The startup is a perfect fit for Kvanted’s search for solutions that disrupt the industrial value chain to shape society. This strong partnership will ensure the continued success of RESONIKS and their determination to automate quality control for metal manufacturers using novel AI-powered acoustic solutions.

“RESONIKS is a prime example of an industrial technology company that is reinventing heavy processes to create a more efficient and sustainable industrial value chain. We are excited to have the opportunity to support the RESONIKS team as they establish new standards for quality control. The team’s dedication to efficiency and sustainability perfectly aligns with our mission at Kvanted,” says Axel Ahlström, founding partner of Kvanted.

With the solution implemented in the first factories and several product pre-orders, RESONIKS is ready to grow further and is looking for new talent to join the team. There are several open positions in hardware, software, and business development, with more positions to open in the near future. With offices in the multicultural Dutch city of The Hague, and the tech-driven Finnish city of Tampere, the startup attracts talent by offering the opportunity to join a truly diverse, dynamic, and motivated team.

“RESONIKS’ journey, powered by our recent €1.5M investment, marks a new era in quality control, blending advanced acoustics with AI to revolutionise metal manufacturing”,  says Felix Wassmann, CEO at RESONIKS.

At the Startup Tampere Showcase 2023, organised by Platform6, SUPPLYZ, which has since rebranded to RESONIKS, first captured the attention of Axel Ahlström, a panel expert invited to the event. The company’s CTO, Fabian Oberndorfer, presented a pitch that sparked Ahlström’s interest, leading to a subsequent meeting at the Platform6 office. This instance serves as a prime example of how Platform6 effectively aids startups in connecting with investors. Notably, this particular engagement was enhanced by an introduction initiated by the CEO of a fellow Platform6 member, illustrating the collaborative and supportive nature of the Platform6 community.

“Platform6 is more than just office space. It is an environment that helps companies like ours in multiple ways. From brainstorming with other founders, to helping with logistics. From introducing the team to investors, to helping find the right lawyer. It has provided Resoniks from day one with a network that otherwise would have taken years to create”, says Fabian Oberndorfer, CTO of RESONIKS.


Founded in 2022, RESONIKS stands at the forefront of redefining quality control processes. Harnessing the power of acoustics and artificial intelligence, RESONIKS has pioneered an innovative solution that detects anomalies in metal components by resonating objects and analyzing their acoustic response. This automates monotonous and potentially hazardous inspections and addresses the global shortage of skilled labor, ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards. Focusing on key sectors such as automotive and maritime, RESONIKS identifies defects invisible to the human or machine eye, reducing waste, saving energy, and promoting sustainable metal recycling. Founded by Felix Wassmann (CEO), Fabian Oberndorfer (CTO), and Isaac Kargar (CIO), a team with over two decades of industry and startup experience, RESONIKS is set to make manual quality inspections a thing of the past.


About Kvanted

Founded in 2023, Kvanted is an early-stage investor focusing on industrial technology. Founded and headquartered in Helsinki, Kvanted focuses on early-stage companies developing new software, hardware, and service solutions for the industrial sector with a mission to build a more sustainable future. With their first fund of €70 million, Kvanted is the first pure-play industrial technology investor in the Nordic region. The founding partners of Kvanted are Eerik Paasikivi, Maria Wasastjerna, and Axel Ahlström.


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