Online afterwork with Smoothly – Members only

Online afterwork with Smoothly – Members only

Welcome to online afterwork with Smoothly – presenting to the residents of Platform6 a way to accelerate your company’s growth!

The basic idea at Smoothly is to reduce the constant rush of entrepreneurs and experts by freeing companies from repetitive routine tasks. Smoothly’s digital service enables companies to delegate repetitive routine administrative and marketing tasks using modern remote working.

As a result, companies, entrepreneurs and experts will be able to do more billable and expert work – and less of everything else.

At the event, our experts Niko and Mikael from Smoothly will present in more detail how and what routines growth companies should externalize. After the presentation, we will be answering questions and talking with the entrepreneurs of Platform6.

In addition, all Platform 6 companies and those coming to the event who are interested in the service, will receive the service activation for free (Service activation fee normally € 799)

See more at Smoothly’s website:


Dec 01 2020


16:00 - 19:00


5th floor