Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Code of Conduct

Platform6 hosts Tampere startup ecosystem under the same roof, by community for the community.

We are a community of startups, investors, advisors, partners, ecosystem movers & shakers building a thriving and powerful platform for collaboration, growth and impact. 

Our culture is built on inclusion, respect, transparency, accountability and ‘giving back’, and all of us as ambassadors of Platform6 share and foster this set of common values.

This document outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our community, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior.


Respect the space. Keep things clean. We share a common space, and it’s up to every one to  keep it tidy and clean. If you move things around, then return them to their original location.  Always tidy up after yourself. Also, for example, if you see an empty cup somewhere, bring it to  the kitchen. Let’s lead by example!   

Be mindful of others. Beware of noise levels when answering audio or video calls. Be considerate of usage of the space and shared resources like internet, meeting rooms, kitchen. For example,  don’t book extra hours in meeting rooms nor occupy rooms as private offices before/after booked  meeting slots, or drink the last cup of coffee without making more for your colleagues.   

Respecting privacy. A true collaborative work environment requires a culture of trust. We value  transparency and trustworthiness at Platform6, but with transparency and openness comes great  responsibility to not share confidential information or materials that you might see or overhear.   

Beware of tailgating. We all need to be aware of a secure workplace. Make sure that no one  sneaks in behind you unless you know they are actually members or guests of another member.  Report any concerns immediately to the Community Manager.   

Sustainability. It's on all of us to decrease the Platform6 carbon footprint and its environmental  impact. Paperless Office - Think before printing, choose to print less; Recycle - use the correct  waste disposal recycling bins; Reduce energy consumption - Turning off the lights and switching  off electronic equipment around the office during off-hours. Turn the light off when rooms are not in  use!   


Mutual Respect. Help others Always treat others with respect. We are a community that helps  each other out. Pay-it-forward and supporting each other are at the core of our  community values. While you are at it, empower your fellow community members too! Be proud  to work in a space full of changemakers! 

Diversity. Equal Opportunities for all. Our House is an organization fully committed to diversity,  equity and inclusion (DEI) principles and ensuring those are fostered and put into best practices  in all our organization’s work. We believe that embracing and promoting DEI as organization  values is a way to intentionally make space for positive outcomes to flourish in our community  and outside our walls.   

Be kind and inclusive. Our House welcomes everyone. We have a zero tolerance policy for  racism, violence and any discrimination or harassment on the basis of ethnicity, color, religion,  country of origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual  orientation, age, marital status, parental status, mental or physical disability. Be kind to one  another and make sure to not exclude other members.   

We stand up for others. We truly need to be here for each other. We report violations and we  appropriately intervene in situations when we experienced or witnessed violations of these House  Rules.   


Identify cases of harassment and disrespectful behavior. 

Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to:  

⁃ Any kind of bullying or negative behavior such as (but not limited to): offensive verbal or  online comments related to gender, identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical  appearance, ethnicity, religion or age;  

⁃ Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender  identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race,  age or religion; 

⁃ Deliberate intimidation; 

⁃ Spreading condescending or rumors, including company related and/or individual persons.  ⁃ Use of misogynist, discriminatory, subordinate, repressive or offensive terminology (slurs or  invectives);  

⁃ Taking photos without consent; 

⁃ Creating a sexualized environment. This includes but is not limited to sexual or sexually  suggestive comments, jokes, insults, metaphors; harassment and stalking; inappropriate  physical contact without the express consent of all participants; 

⁃ Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior. 

What constitutes harassment?  

Harassment refers to systematic and persistent offensive conduct or behavior. Harassment examples include, but is not limited to: 

  • repeated threats; 
  • intimidation; 
  • malicious or suggestive comments; 
  • belittling or scornful remarks; 
  • persistent unwarranted criticism and sabotage of performance; 
  • attacks on reputation or status; 
  • systematic ostracism or exclusion; 
  • sexual harassment. Sexual harassment means any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited  behavior of a sexual nature which a reasonable person in the circumstances would find  humiliating, intimidating or offensive. Sexual harassment doesn’t have to be repeated or  ongoing. Sexual harassment takes many forms, from sexual comments to actual physical  violence.  

Reporting and enforcement 

⁃ Address and resolve cases of harassment and disrespectful behavior.

We strongly encourage everyone to report any violations of this code of conduct to the Code of  Conduct Committee.  

Share as much information as you can about the incident: what happened, who’s involved and  where it took place. Please be as detailed as you can. All the information given is strictly  confidential and only used in resolving the matter. 

After receiving the information the Code of Conduct Committee will start an internal process. 

If the person who violated the code of conduct is on the committee, they will recuse themselves  from handling that report. 

The code of conduct committee consists of: 

City of Tampere representative

Platform6 Operator representative

Platform6 Community representative

For code of conduct committee names and contact information, please refer to information listed in Members Portal. 


If you feel you have been harassed or have witnessed harassment contact immediately Kaarle Wirta (in person, email, text message, phone call) at kaarle [at] platform6 [dot] fi or 050 549 88 13 and he will share the information with you who should be contacted on the committee side. 

If you have a question, concern or any suggested changes, please also contact us.

Åkerlundinkatu 8, 33100, Tampere