Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

The story behind Platform6

Pictured: Representatives from the city of Tampere and Tampere Startup Hub Oy pose together at signing event. Photo © Mirella Mellonmaa

Platform6 is a project initiated by the local startup community and set up by the City of Tampere with the goal to support Tampere-based founders and help their companies grow into international success stories. 

In addition to a 5 storey startup house that opened its doors in October 2020, the project offers various startup support activities, perks and programmes as well as numerous matchmaking and networking events with trusted investors, corporates, business service providers, tech companies, local talent, and more. 

It is operated by Tampere Startup Hub (TSH), a non-for-profit company founded by local serial entrepreneurs and startup community builders representing Stream Events, Köy and Tampere Game Hub, forerunners of the Pirkanmaa startup ecosystem. Among many other things, TSH is responsible for leasing premises to startups, organising community events and engaging movers and shakers of the ecosystem into closer collaboration.

The road so far

Starting with just 25 startups moving into Platform6 as its first members in October 2020, currently the startup house is a community home for almost 80 early-stage growth companies. 

According to the annual survey, startups located in Platform6 have grown 30–40% faster than companies located elsewhere in the region. In addition, the growth expectations of Platform6 companies are higher than those of the reference companies on average, which indicates the necessary goal-setting and self-confidence.

There is a constant rotation of members, however the majority of companies graduating from Platform6 are eager to stay connected with the community and help the next generation of founders. Curated network is the core asset at Platform6: a community based on knowledge and experience sharing, on being there for one another and contributing by giving back to the community. 

At the core Platform6 is a curated, industry-agnostic community of serial entrepreneurs, first-time founders, early-stage startups and scaling growth companies, angel investors and VCs, startup-friendly corporates and service providers, ecosystem builders and business advisors - all under one roof in a safe, resilient and friendly environment.

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