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Come and see it with your own eyes! Whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, an investor, a journalist or just a curious mind interested in entrepreneurship, stop by for just a few minutes to get to know us better. Need an affordable hot desk or an office in the city centre? A free co-working space? A meeting room? An event space? Just information? Then book your guided visit to Platform6 asap! 

Booking request for a guided visit

Please let us know what would be the best date and time for you to visit us. You will receive a confirmation email if the date and time suit us too. If we are not available on the date and time of your choice, we will contact you and ask you to reschedule your visit. But no worries - we will definitely meet!
If you would like to take a colleague, co-founder, a friend, etc. please let us know - it will help us to guarantee the best outcomes and experience of your visit.
Feel free to share any additional information about your visit that you think might be relevant. If you have alternative dates for your visit in mind, let us know which they are here.