Binary District Journal: Spotlighting the Minds Behind Innovation

Binary District Journal is a publication that cuts through the noise in the tech industry. Its core mission is to highlight the individuals - particularly researchers and developers - driving innovation. With a commitment to presenting diverse viewpoints, the Journal covers the spectrum of technology, startup culture, research breakthroughs, and emerging business models. It emphasises factual, hype-free reporting, offering insights into the latest technological trends, industry discussions, and analytical pieces on new tech developments.

The Journal began in 2017, emerging from the activities of the Binary District, a community known for organising technology-focused workshops and events in cities like Amsterdam, London, and Berlin. These events covered a range of topics, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and biotech. With Binary District currently paused, the Journal has pivoted to focus on the New Nordic region. It continues under the same editorial leadership that launched it, now housed within the Platform6 startup house. This transition has allowed the Journal to maintain its foundational goals while adapting to a changing tech landscape.

Editor-in-Chief: Margarita Khartanovich. Contact: