Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

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1st floor is ready!

The Platfrom6 first floor open space was finalized in January, when we had our “Take action week” with our volunteers. During the week we were painting walls, building a stage, assembling and painting furniture and decorating the space. The space has a very unique design with old materials up-cycled to create something new and useful.

Behind the design

The design and implementation of the space was planned by Jenni Kääriäinen, festival and event designer. “Already during my studies I was very interested in human behavior and community strategies. I want to find out what kind of things are needed in the space so it will be useful and handy for the people who come in. That way the space or an event can also promote the social cohesion of people.” Jenni says

Festival and event designer Jenni Kääriäinen

Jenni has quite a long history with startups. She has been working with Slush for quite a long time, and was also helping out with the space, layout and the identity of Stream startup Festival. “I have a strong enthusiasm towards students, startup companies and startup ideology. That is why I think the spaces for ecosystems to meet, really hits the sweet spot of my interests!” 

The space has old looms turned into desktops

The design idea for the first floor came from the image of Tampere and the space’s relevance to Platform6 members. Jenni mentions that Tampere is well known for a really great history of different industries and innovations. “We created this idea where Platfrom6 is actually a part of history and the future. The space design represents a timeline where you are looking backwards in time and also into the future. We wanted to take something old and tune it to something new.”

Jenni explains the materials were chosen to respect the history; for example taking an old loom and turning it into a modern desktop. “The objects still have the sense of their original purpose, and you can still see what it was used for in the past even though we modernized it. Of course recycling is also very cost effective and sustainable. We also went to second hand shops and picked up things we like; for example the mangle on the stage!” 

Volunteers taking action!

Jenni thinks the take action week went really well. “Days were long and intensive, but our volunteers were really amazing. During the week the volunteers also got to know each other better and share their stories. The week was cool, nice and chill, everyone having this positive attitude of whatever needs to be done, we will do it!”

One of the volunteers Levon Krasnikov was there to help out every day during the week and shares Jenni’s feelings: “Over the take action week, I met a lot of new guys. Each day was different from the previous one. Working together unites and allows to get to know each other. Each person is unique and good at what he does, it seems to me we complemented each other well.”

Levon Krasnikov participated in the renovation of the first floor every day of the week

Levon has participated in some of the open events at Platform6 last year. He describes the community being very open to new people and was very pleased after the first event he participated. After hearing about the renovations in the first floor he wanted to join in: “First of all, I just love working with tools and it was a very good opportunity to do something with my own hands. I also think that this is a good break from the daily routine. Renovation involves solving a wide range of tasks, you can prove yourself in what you already know and try yourself in new roles.”

Looking into the future

Jenni hopes the space will evolve during time: “The space and the decoration should in my opinion also grow with the community. I wish people will be brave and really own the space. My dream would be for people to come in, use the furniture, change the space and bring their own decorations!” Jenni sees potential in the space also for companies: “I wish in the future some companies around Tampere will get involved and bring their knowhow and products to the community space. I also wish the space will have the element of a showroom in the future.”

Levon has also some ideas of a future collaboration with Platform6: “I will definitely continue participating in the activities in the startup community. Platform6 provides ample opportunities for networking and the development of professional and personal competencies. Interaction with people inspires and gives a lot of positive emotions. I like to see the result of teamwork and be able to influence the process!”

At the moment the building is unfortunately closed for visitors, due to the COVID restrictions. We hope to see the space lively very soon to put the first floor into real action!

Åkerlundinkatu 8, 33100, Tampere