Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!

Great news! We have a few private offices available. Book a visit to check them out!



A startup house in the heart of Tampere
run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Because we care about startups and will walk that extra mile to help them grow.
Tuomas Hirvonen
Broad experience with Tampere region startup ecosystem stakeholders - on a mission to build Platform6 2.0!
Head of Startup Services
Margarita Khartanovich
Head of Startup Services
Helped several Finnish and Dutch startups with GTM & fundraising - there for you to shine and connect with peers, investors, etc.
Head of Community
Kaarle Wirta
Head of Community & Events
Joined a startup to drive its operations, ended up in falling in love with padel - always there for you to listen and support
Facilities & Events
Linda Marin
Facilities & Events
From coding challenges to real-life puzzles, I'm all about finding solutions - Here to make daily operations flow with ease.

Tel. 0505498813
Marketing & Comms
Akseli Virtanen
Marketing & Comms Coordinator
Worked on multiple app and game startups, now developing my own idea while helping the ecosystem with marketing and communication!
Office & event space
Member perks
Faster growth


Platform6 is a curated community home for startups where you thrive and take off

We believe that startups are ultimately about extraordinary people with shared passions coming together to build something new. Talent attracts talent, and capital always follows talent. That's a startup journey in a nutshell.

However, the extraordinary in an ordinary environment does not shine and is so often overlooked and undervalued. But once you remove yourself from an environment that isn’t serving you, you thrive. Founders, we appreciate and value you!

We stay very close with you to understand firsthand how your company is evolving, help you navigate the startup services and networks in Tampere and beyond and support you in a way that enables you to learn from each other and connect with investors, customers, trusted business service providers, corporate and public sector partners, top talent, etc.


sweet spots

Startups need a lot more than just an office or a desk. That's why Platform6 is a lot more than just a co-working space.

In today’s times of uncertainty, whoever learns fastest wins. For a startup, the cycle time is defined by how much time elapses between having an idea and validating whether that idea is brilliant or crazy. Teams that drive down the validation cycle time are much more likely to find product/market fit, because it increases the probability of success.

At Platform6, you are able to experiment with the product immediately, change it quickly, and test again while using your runway efficiently and not running out of money before you become profitable.

Startup services

Validate your ideas, explore your product/market fit, grow your team and advance to the next stage.
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Investor network

Keep on building your investor relations and raise your next funding round.
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Peer support

Silos are not helpful - tap into validated learning of your peers and share it back.
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Startup events

Discover new sources of growth, learn the startup basics and lay the foundation for scaling.
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to know our community

At the core Platform6 is a curated, industry-agnostic community of serial entrepreneurs, first-time founders, early-stage startups and scaling growth companies, angel investors and VCs, startup-friendly corporates and service providers, ecosystem builders and business advisors.

There is a constant rotation of members, however the majority of companies graduating from Platform6 are eager to stay connected with the community and help the next generation grow.


Become a member

Ready to join Platform6 as a member?
Check the eligibility criteria and pick the membership type that suits your company best at your current stage.
Note that we are flexible and can always adapt the membership to your needs.

Office resident

A private office (10-114 m2) from €161.50 + VAT/month (per office)

Desk resident

A fixed desk for the price of €100 + VAT/month (per person)

Flex resident

A hot desk for the price of €50+ VAT/month (per person)

Virtual resident

No meeting rooms, no office space, €100 + VAT/year (per company)



We organise and host a lot of curated, startup-focused events for our members and for the general public interested in entrepreneurship – from workshops and matchmaking events to conferences, community breakfasts and afterworks. Check them out!



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